Ethical Futures

High School Program

Ages 14 - 18

NuVu Summer is back at MIT for another season of creative hands-on learning

After a three year hiatus, our summer program at MIT is back with twelve fresh new studios to delve into. As part of NuVu Summer 2024, high school students can participate in our design-based studios at MIT.

Using NuVu’s own digital platform and network of experts and coaches, we bring a variety of interdisciplinary studios for you to choose from. Create real-world projects in topics such as AI, Automotives, AR Worlds, Games, Architecture, and many more.

Studio Offerings

The Summer 2024 Program at NuVu takes place over 3 sessions.
Each session is two weeks long, with a variety of unique studios to choose from.
Students can only register for one studio per session.
Students can attend one, two, or all three sessions.

Session One

July 8 - 19, 2024

Devices For Activism

Escape Room

AI Intelligent Ecologies

AR Worlds

Session Two

July 22 - August 2, 2024

App Masters

Health Wearable Devices

Hacking Drones

Responsive Architecture

Session Three

August 5 - 16, 2024


Musical Prosthetics

AI Collaborative Futures

Collective Games

Program Information


$2,190 Fee includes:

  • Dedicated NuVu Coach
  • Studio content & activities
  • Materials and tools
  • Project facilitation
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Daily lunch

For discounts, check the FAQ.


Monday - Friday for
two weeks






9 am - 12 pm


12 pm - 1 pm

Lunch Break + Outdoor Time

1 pm - 3 pm


Innovative Projects

Expert Coaches and Mentors

Hands-on Making

Dynamic Online Platform

Strengthen College Application

6:1 Student to Coach Ratio

The NuVu Summer program has always given me tools that I would've never gotten anywhere else. My favorite part of this whole experience is the ability to break into any new subject and be taken seriously even when I am clueless; this program values the learning curve and I really appreciate that.

NuVu HS Summer student
K. Gordon

Creative Process

At the core of what NuVu students learn is the creative process and how to use this process to problem solve and think critically about the world around them. Part of our R&D work is focused on creating tools and resources that make teaching the creative process easier. Here is a video that describes our creative process.